BBBOTS on Sunday (Quiz night) With Josie Gibson

Sunday 4th of September and my much anticipated visit to Elstree studios to be part of the audience for Channel 5’s Big Brother spin off programme, Big Brothers Bit on the side, or as it will be known for ever more as, BBBOTS.

I was lucky enough to have been sorted out tickets for me and my good lady wife by one of my friends on Twitter (@Giwwy) and I was very excited to see behind the scenes of this new show.
As a veteran of Channel fours Big Brothers big Mouth I was interested to see how the two shaped up against each other.

We arrived early evening and after getting a bite to eat we stood in the queue (at the front like a loser) and waited for one of the production team to come out and collect us. There were not that many of us there, probably no more than fifteen people, and I started to wonder how they would manage to fill the audience with such a tiny amount of us. As it turned out I would have my answer a bit later on and a surprising one it was.
After chatting to a few of the others standing outside I quickly realised that the majority of them (all) were here to support big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson. I know that was the main reason I was there, and I wondered where all the Jamie East fans were………….

A member of the production team (who will remain nameless for legal reasons) came out to collect us at about 7.30pm and led us to a small bar area just to the right of the security box outside the studio. I was struck by how quiet the place was when there was not an eviction taking place. Having been before the previous times on eviction nights I was used to hundreds of screaming people waiting outside to go and take their place in the live audience. The room/hut we were taken into had a few seats and tables and a bar area and had the smell of an old charity shop, one person said it smelled of mothballs. I would have to take her word for that but it didn’t smell to ‘fresh’ we sat down and introduced ourselves to each other and I was happy to be among a lot of Josie’s main fans. We filled out our disclaimer forms and then went to the bar to get some drinks. These were free and there was no limit to the amount we could have drunk. On BBBM we were given drink tickets and could only use these to exchange for drinks. Channel 5 did not seem so worried about the potential for disaster that 20-30 drunken people could cause. As it turned out it didn’t matter as everyone was very sensible.


After about 10-15 minutes who should turn up than none other than Josie Gibson herself!! She spent about half an hour mingling with everyone and was only too happy to pose for pictures and had so much time for everyone in the place. She was looking amazing and had obviously been working very hard on her figure. I have to say that for me she is now looking an ideal size and I would hope she didn’t lose any more weight. She was wearing a lovely black lacy top and jeans topped off with a pair of beautiful multi-coloured shoes. I had my picture taken and got a very big hug from her. She was genuinely pleased to see everyone and showed us all why she was such a deserving winner of the previous Big Brother series. After she had spoken to everyone who wanted to speak to her and done all the photos that were wanted she went off to prepare for the show.

We did a quick quiz which revolved around previous big Brother shows and contestants (in which my team came a stunning second place out of four) and then got ourselves ready to go over to the studio proper and take our seats. At this point I again looked around at the few people who were there and wondered how they would fill the spaces on the stage. Josie’s driver was asked if he wanted to sit in and he agreed. The funny thing was that up until about twenty minutes before the start of the show there did not appear to be any Jamie East fans in attendance at all….. I did catch a glimpse of him through the window of the hut door on the phone pacing up and down and shortly after that three guys arrived who were quite blatantly there to support the aforementioned Mr @Holymoly himself. We stood at the door and the production guy asked us who was there to support Josie? Cue huge cheer. Then he asked who was there to support Jamie………Not a peep, even from his mates. It was quite funny and all taken in good spirit.

Into the studio and we all got seated. They spread us about pretty thin and we only just managed to fill the seats available. The studio itself was a lot bigger than the old BBBM studio and the set design and construction was of a far higher quality. We actually had cushions to sit on and not the painted plywood jobbies we had on Big Mouth which caused your bum to go totally numb after about ten minutes. The guests arrived and were introduced as they did.
First to sit was the lovely Michelle Heaton who at 5 months pregnant was glowing and looked absolutely stunning. She is also tiny!!! Then Josie came and sat next to her quickly followed by her competitors, Jamie and the lovely Lauren Harries. I can say now, with no shame at all that TV does nothing for Ms Harries and she looks a lot better in the flesh than she does on the telebox. She and Josie had swapped jewellery backstage and they all seemed to get on really well. Finally the host for the show, Alice Levine took her seat. I had noticed that there were a lot of gingers working on the show. A couple of the floor team were and obviously the host herself is. This can only be down to JK Rowling and her Stirling work at getting gingers into the public eye and making us* into media icons.

30 seconds to go until we went live. Floor manager and director give us a quick pep talk and then we are off. The theme music roles and we erupt into whoops and cheers as the camera swings into action.
Now, I am not going to go into huge detail about the show itself (the aired bits anyway as I am sure you all watched it anyway……. The only thing I will mention is the role of ex BB contestant Kemal who seemed to be on everyone’s case (except for Josie and Michelle) from her very first utterance. She was there to do the scores and made some very catty comments at both Alice and Jamie. It appeared it was only those two who were the target of her anger. I can reveal that there was nothing said during the breaks by any party to each other and all of it seemed very much geared for on air only. Rumours that it was all a reaction to comments that Jamie had made about Kemals friend Narinder cannot be confirmed but my sources assure me that it was all over Twitter. I could not see any other reason for the verbal sparring unless something had happened backstage.

The show was very well run by the productions staff and floor staff and there was no hint of any trouble during the filming of the show. It ran like clockwork. Everyone was very friendly and we were treated really well. I actually enjoyed the whole experience more than BBBM, even though we had no interaction or input into the show other than shouting ‘More’ or ‘Less’ during one part of the show.

I am going to try to get onto one of the weekly BBBOTS shows as you can be a bit more vocal and get an opinion across on there. I have already noticed quite a few Big Mouth veterans on the weekly shows and one or two who seem to be show regulars and appear more than the host herself in some cases!!

11pm and it was all over. We were thanked for our time and for being ‘such a great audience’ which is probably what they say to all of them. It was however a really good night and I still find myself watching this spin off show more than the actual Big Brother show itself. That is sure to change this Thursday when the NEW and REAL big Brother starts up. I have always been a bigger fan of the original show and didn’t really like the CBB version as the ‘Housemates’ already know how the medium works and how to work the viewer at home. I can’t wait for the real show to start and to get stuck into the next lot of Brian Dowling and Josie Gibson wannabes.

If you want to apply for tickets for the show then email

I am due to be on BBBOTS again on the 18th of September so keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the one clapping enthusiastically as close to the guests as I can possibly get without sitting on their laps.

*I am an Ex Ginger and my hair changed colour all of its own accord when I was 10yrs old. I still have a lot of love for the gingers out there.

Much love, whether you’re a ginger or not.


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Celebrity Big Brother (Someone wake me when it’s over)

*Marcus voice* “Week one in the big Brother house and what a week it has been”. (I’ve switched back to my voice now which you don’t know but will soon) After my first blog about the opening night of CBB you may have got the impression that I wasn’t happy to see it back. Wrong!! I am very happy to see the return of one of my favourite shows of all time.

I think in my frustration at the lack of Live feed from the house (last time I mention it I promise) I was a little bit harsh on Channel 5 and its efforts to resurrect the show. I didn’t expect much. I expected sleaze and scandal and to be honest it has delivered none of these. At points the ‘highlight’ show has been as dull as ditchwater and that is with editors compressing a whole days worth of action into just under an hour!! So before we go into what have been the highlights for each of the housemates this week let’s just reflect on how the new improved format of the show has worked (well for me anyway)…….

The Facebook page has been a mystery to me as I don’t have a Facebook account anymore and refuse to set up a new one even for Big Brother!!! I have heard some rumours of negative comments about the show being deleted and those posters being blocked from posting. Also any mention of the lack of live feed** is quickly removed. Obviously these are just rumours as I do not have access but the people I am hearing this from do have, and are reliable sources.

The Twitter ‘live’ updates are just not instant enough and the lack of trust in what we are all being shown and told is palpable. Viewers have long since gotten wise to the shady ways in which producers and editors guide us into making the choices they want us to make, instead of being able to make our own ill-informed decisions. We are not sheep any more. We don’t believe you.

More than ever, this year’s Big Brother (Celebrity version) has been about two things. Celebrity rehabilitation, Tara Reid, Kerry Katona and to some extent Darryn Lyons, and Celebrity University, a way for up and coming celebs to learn the ropes of the industry and hang around with some seasoned veterans to get hints and tips on how to ‘make it’. The enormous (though not as much as some newspapers would have us believe) exposure to viewers at home of these new faces can give even the most fledgling career a welcome boost. The biggest beneficiaries of this are Jedward and Amy Childs. These two, more than any other housemates, are getting some real tips about how to prolong and grow their careers after the show ends and they are cast back out into the flashbulbs and camped out paparazzi.

 The Rehab part of Big Brother is less about recovering from drug or alcohol abuse but as a way to resurrect a career that has been affected by negative press or a public perception of the celeb that they feel is unfair. Big Brother (and this series in particular) is the best way to refocus the views of the public and re-launch a flagging career.

Kerry Katona has, for the moment at least, managed to get a lot of viewers onside but I still remember the scenes from her reality show when she was in the process of splitting with her ex husband and the harrowing scenes of her with her children (the ones she is missing so much in the house) and I am not going to forget them just because of a few well edited highlights.

The problem with Celebrity Big Brother is, and always has been, that the housemates are all media savvy. They know how to work the cameras and they understand how things they say and do impact the viewer and by association, their public image.
Darryn Lyons is a hideous little man making his money from images and stories of celebrities going through the worst of times. Now, after one task where he decided to give housemates booze and food instead of spending some time with his much loved bird (feathered variety) we are to believe that he is somehow a changed character? That we have all misjudged him for so long?

Apparently the answer to that question is yes. Me? I am not so easily convinced.

So what about some of the other names in the house? How have they faired? I am not going to go through specific tasks and how they did. Nor am I going to go over the conversations they have had in the house or how they have treated others. All I am going to do is mention how my perception of them (if I had one in the first place) has been changed or not by what I have seen over the past 12 or so days.

Jedward, for example, still annoy the hell out of me and endless days of them ‘just being themselves’ has done nothing to change this. They are self absorbed idiots. If The ADHD society ever need poster boys for raising the profile of their campaign then these two are ready made. There has been too much exposure of these two on this series for my liking. I’m sure though that their fans will love every moment and this will only go to making the Grimes twins careers endure.

Amy Childs. When she went in I thought that she was just and air-headed, self obsessed Katie Price wannabe. 12 days on and my feelings have not changed other than to now be convinced this is the depth of her talent. She is going to use the extra exposure to open a line of beauty salons. Good luck to her.

Bobby Zoolander has only proved what we already knew…..He is not a celebrity. The same can be said for Paddy Doherty, although in his defence he has shown himself (in what we have been shown) to be a fairly decent bloke. He is without doubt the most genuine person in that house.

Lucien. What can I say about Lucien? I’m pretty sure that he will be looking forward to the amount of female attention this will get him. Other than that I don’t expect any big Hollywood roles to be winging their way near him any time soon. He bores me and everything about him bores me.

Tara Reid. She has been trying so hard to combat her obvious emotional issues and sometimes this has come bubbling to the surface. Borderline paranoid and total hyper maniac Tara has certainly been the most entertaining of the housemates for me, sucking in some of the more gullible housemates into her LA party games and being the font of all showbiz knowledge for Jedward and Amy (both of whom have latched onto her like a couple of limpets stuck to the sides of the good ship Hollywood)

I was sad to see Sally Bercow leave on the first eviction night. I was sure Bobby ‘sweatbox’ Sabel would be out but viewers obviously enjoyed watching Darryn drink Bobby’s sweat…….. I would have liked to have seen Sally’s relationship with Bobby grow a bit more. I truly think that Sally was one of the only HM’s to have learnt anything from her time in the house, only because of the conversations she shared with Paddy. Sure, she was another one who wanted to further her career as a……whatever it is she does. She will get a little extra exposure and possibly a future member of the Loose Women team?? (You heard it here first)

Ah well…..time moves on…… and finally we come to the car crash of the entire series…..

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff. She is struggling. Struggling to hold onto the semblance of reality she still has left. Of all the housemates that have gone in it is Pam who has been hit hardest by the BB houses ability to drive you insane. She has moments of worrying behavior. Talking to herself, Extreme paranoia, not actually being part of a conversation she is having with another person (she is talking but not listening to the others involved) are all clear signs of a person struggling with their mind. She is not getting very much sympathy from the other housemates but she is not doing herself any favours by staying. Hopefully she will be out soon as she was nominated along with Darryn (I’m a nice guy really) Lyons. Seeing her sitting alone battling the demons of her past and trying to cope with the houses oppressing atmosphere must be taking a heavy toll on her. I hope she is ok when this is all over.

In closing I would like to point out how disappointing the series so far has been. From launch night onwards I have been bombarded with comments from Fan sites (which have Official BB content being supplied to them) and newspaper journalists (from certain papers) telling me how this series has been ‘the best ever’ and that the new online content has been received positively. The fact that these ‘sources’ have a vested interest in bigging up the show does not seem to come into it and the fact that any sign of negativity is quickly slapped down shows me that there is a lot more riding on the success of the show than C5 are letting on. In my opinion (which i am entitled to) They must be watching a different series to me. The one I am watching does not hold my attention for very long.

There are times I find myself flicking around for something else to watch during the highlight show. During the show itself not just when the adverts are on. I loved this show. This is something I would never have happened in the past. (Except BB4)

I now find myself looking forward to the final CBB show when all of the CBB housemates will be evicted and we can start getting some newbies in. Bring on the wannabes!!!!

To close on a positive though I would like to congratulate C5 on their show, Big Brothers Bit on the side. Although it is certainly no Big Brothers Big Mouth it does a very good job of summarising the previous hours worth of highlight show. Emma Willis does a great job of keeping control of the audience and with help from Jamie East (@HolyMoly) and others; the show is the one good thing to come out of Channel 5’s ownership of the franchise. I really am hoping for better things on REAL Big Brother which starts soon and look forward to seeing people who really are not celebs already. I do fear that we may just end up with a bunch of TOWIE and Geordie Shore clones (or should that be clowns) which would be a shame as we can already see people like that on the aforementioned shows.

CBB has bored me to tears (if you had missed that conclusion in the previous 500 words) and now I am pinning all of my hopes onto Real Big Brother when it starts very soon.

I just hope that the much trumpeted resurrection does not just turn into the parade of some long since dead cadaver  

**Live Feed is dead. I really need to get over this fact

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Big Brother launch night underwhelms me

The night has finally arrived and at two minutes past nine all the hype finally came to
an end. The endless speculation about who was in the house was about to be
confirmed or shown up as total bullcrap.

Cue the familiar theme music (thank god they kept that) and then cue to Brian
stepping out of a fabulous huge Big Brother eye. Marcus starts his now familiar
announcements that Big Brother was back and we were off and running. I was on
the edge of my seat. Would there be shocks? Would there be surprises? Would
there be Charlie sheen?

Yes, Yes and No.

Now before I go on I should just point out (as it was pointed out to me) that this is NOT
Big Brother on channel 4 and although I was disappointed overall with the line
up as it was revealed I should remember that the old series also had some poor
line ups and ‘celebrities’ in the past. This is Channel 5. They are not an
independent channel. They are owned by Richard Desmond. This is the same man
who owns The Daily Star and OK magazine. Bear this in mind as I step through
the mire of names making up this years CBB housemates.

So, back to the stage and Brian was looking great in his suit (although he really needed to
undo the top button of the jacket) and it was time to announce the first
housemate. I had my list of who I thought would be going in from my last blog
on here and was ready to tick them off like some sad train spotter collecting

First in was Kerry (no shock here) Katona!! I gave myself a little fist bump there as I had
her on my list. Looking like a cross between Robyn and Brigitte Nielsen she
strolled out to cheers into Brians waiting arms. She looked very nervous in her
apparently borrowed dress but she did look like she was mentally recovered. I
still remember This Morning and the producers made sure we did as well by
reminding us all on the VT they showed about her. Up the stairs and into the
house she went. Down the stairs on the other side and over to the Champers. Too
bloody right.

So no shocks there (tick) who’s next?

Tara American Pie Reid!!! She may have been in American Pie but I was starting to
get hungry for more than pie. Sure she looked great and the apparent plastic
surgery had not made her look as bad as reported in the past. Great dress,
fabulous shoes, another HM with a drug problem past. CBB was starting to look
like Celeb Rehab. Not surprisingly she turned down the Champers that Kerry
offered when she went into the house.

Ah. The inevitable Ad breaks and promises of punk paparazzi and Baywatch babes.
Nooooooo!!! Darren Lyons? REALLY? Celebrity? At least we would have Pamela
Anderson right?

WRONG!! But more of this later.

Next into the house was my big fat gypsy wedding ‘star’ Paddy Doherty. I am stunned.
Where are the big names we were promised? I had Paddy on my list of suspects so
I ticked my scorecard (2 yes and 1 no) and moved on quickly.

In Paddy went going on about being there for the crack. Looking as sweaty and
greasy as he looked under the lights I’m afraid there won’t be a lot of crack
for Paddy in the house. Fortunately for me I grew up in Tottenham and the large
Irish contingent there means I can understand Paddy quite easily. Tara I’m
afraid was not as fortunate.

I was starting to struggle to understand her though. She appeared ‘tired’ probably
the strain of the day

Next up it was Essex’s finest……. Amy Childs. If you can’t get Katie Price then send in
the clones. The only way is Essex star apparently gave up her spot in the ‘hit’
ITV2 show to appear on Big Brother. Great. She looked great. She certainly
knows the media game already and absorbed every flash of the paps bulbs like a
seasoned pro. Work it girl (and she did)

Into the house. Double air kisses ago-go.  Again
Tara does not have any idea who this person is. I love it when the US HM’s
don’t get our idea of celebrity. Maybe I am an American because to be honest I
wasn’t getting it either.

Next up Darren Lyons, or as he likes to be known, Mr Paparazzi. Looking like Elvis on
acid he strolled out to virtual silence. The crowd as stunned as I was to see
him on ‘celebrity’ Big Brother. He is not a celebrity. He makes and breaks
celebrities. He is not one. Max Clifford is not a celebrity. Neither is Mr

Brian senses the drop in atmosphere and tries to whip the crowd into a frenzy again. He does it. He is actually doing really well. I’m starting to forget who that woman was
who used to present this show on channel 4. Belinda something I think. In you
go Darren says Brian and he is off.

Half way through and I’m still waiting for the BIG stars to arrive. Only five spots
left. Who is next? Charlie Sheen? Pamela Anderson? Sarah Ferguson? Bobby Brown?

Sally Bercow. The only person other than Amy Childs who was a dead cert to go in
(regardless of the stuff about her hubby not knowing). She quickly told us that
she was there so that her fee could go to her favourite charity and for that I
instantly took a liking to her. She came across as genuine and was the first of
the inmates housemates who came across as ‘real’ she does not drink and
takes no s**t. I liked her.

In she went and as Paddy greeted her with the phrase “alright woman” she looked
him in the eye and said (bear in mind this is Paddy Doherty) “Are you going to
call me woman?” Yes said Paddy. I REALLY like Sally Bercow.

*Just as a side point, Tara and Paddy are now turning into the same person and becoming
more and more incomprehensible to the other housemates as each moment passes.

Now it ‘must’ be time for the big guns? Wheel in the massive star. The huge mega bucks

*Cue tumbleweed……..

Lucien Laviscount………….. I’ve been in Corrie and Waterloo Road (nope still no
wiser. More info please) I’ve done some modelling with David Beckham (isn’t he
a footballer) and he said I should be an actor? Apparently he got off with Kym
Marsh’s character in corrie and had quite a big role in Waterloo road. I don’t
watch either and I don’t know many models (which would not put me in good stead
for later.

He is however a fabulous looking young man and he certainly drew the eye of
some of the ladies when he went into the house. Amy especially (I see a pattern
developing here)

My score is now Yes 4 and No 3 it can only get better right?

Three left. Surely Pamela is next? Yes!!!!!

No….. Somebody ordered the wrong Pamela. Yes she was on Baywatch. Yes her name is
Pamela. No her surname is not Anderson.

It was the Hoffs Ex wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff. She has a catchphrase and
everything (which will wear as thin as an Eastenders plot line very quickly) It
is ‘What’s up buttercup?’ The game is what is up Pamela. You are a celebrity by
proxy. This is not looking good.

Only two spots left. No Charlie sheen yet. Surely they must be getting him lined up to
come on next and where are Jedward? I hope they are not the last two?

Nope. Time for the biggest shock of the night. The next ‘celebrity’ was, wait for

Bobby (Zoolander) Sabel ( I had to Google him to even know what his surname was) He
stands with Brian and says something along the lines of how hard it is to be
‘seriously good looking’ and then strolls up the stairs into the house. Another
stunning looking man for Amy to fall in love with. The camera pans to Amy as he
enters. She looks suitable enamoured.

Are my worst fears being confirmed? Is this a dating show? Is it all just a vehicle to make
Amy Childs the next Katie Price? No Mark. Of course it isn’t. Sort yourself

Again Amy is checking the location of every camera in the house. This girl is a complete
pro. She is going to win this hands down. I guarantee it. Personally I would
like to see Sally or Zoolander win it.

And so, finally, we come to the last of them. To the end of the line. We all know
before Brian tells us that it is Jedward but we hope against hope that it is
Charlie. It isn’t. It is Jedward. Dressed in Tigger suits the showbiz
equivalent of Thrush. I know a lot of people love them but I see them as a symptom
of the decline in the youth of today. Look at us. You can make it by having no
discernable talent except the ability to never shut up and believe your own

They will make great housemates and great viewing.

So that’s it. The end. I feel slightly deflated. My twitter timeline is awash with
disappointment and sadness. People are getting ready to watch Josie on Big
Brothers Bit on the side. I am just getting ready to log onto the Channel 5
website that will be running the live stream for the next couple of months.
Then I wake up and there is no live feed. It has all been a terrible dream.

The problem is that is wasn’t a dream. Those ARE the CBB housemates and apart from maybe 2 of the 10 they are not as advertised.

No Charlie Sheen.

No Live Feed

No idea.

To end on a positive note though. Brian Dowling was brilliant. He made a natural
progression from housemate to presenter and has a unique understanding of the
dynamics of doing the show. He handled the celebrities brilliantly and Emma
Willis and Brian Dowling will be the glowing lights in this series of Big
Brother on channel 5. Big Brothers Bit on the side was also really good and as
a new format worked well. The Skype audience members were always going to be a
technical challenge and so it turned out to be. Time lag is inevitable. I work
in IT and could have told them that but who cares about my opinions?

I’ll be watching the rest of the series via the highlight shows as there is no live
feed (I won’t mention it again) and hope you will join me. I promise the next
one of these will not be so long.

Love Locko

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‘Celebrity’ Big Brother. Who shows? They decide.

So with less than 2 weeks left until the series kick off rumours abound on who will be making the journey up those famous stairs (if they still exist in the new house) and into the Big Brother house?

Here is a quick rundown of the latest rumours from around the internet forums and fan sites as to who is likely to make up the first ‘celebrity’ housemates on Channel 5’s watch. I’ll also be giving them my celebrity rating out of 5 as to how watchable they are likely to be and why. You may not agree, we all have our favourites, but as usual we are all entitled to our opinions.

So, let’s start at the top of the celebrity tree with the biggest rumour (and alleged fee),

  1. Charlie Sheen: The 45 yr old actor and son of Martin Sheen has been rumoured to have been approached and offered a staggering £6m to appear. Last seen on our screens in the massive US hit Two and a Half men he has more recently been hitting the headlines for losing the plot and for living with a porn star and his ex nanny. Well the girls may have gone but by all accounts the craziness remains. Don’t write off him making an appearance on our screens in what would be a major coup for Channel 5. My only reservation is that I hope his mental state has been taken into account and producers don’t just put him in there for ratings. He would make great TV but not to the detriment of his wellbeing. #Winning
    Rating 5 (As long as he doesn’t go more insane in the house)
  2. Sarah (Duchess of York) Ferguson: Posh ginger ex member of our Royal family. She has been used to the star treatment for a long time now but she had better get used to roughing it with the common folk if she does go into the Big Brother house. Rumoured to be having financial issues (who isn’t) the fees from an appearance could go a long way to paying off some of the alleged debts she has. More known in the US than here these days she recently had a bit of bad press again when caught offering to make introductions for cash by a News of the World sting operation. Again I think she would be a major coup for Channel 5 as Big Brothers first true royalty in the house. Known for putting her foot in her mouth (and other peoples in hers) she is bound to have some great stories to tell. Whether we get to see any of them is another thing altogether.
    Rating 4 (All the juiciest stuff will be edited out)
  3. Kerry (Mum of the year) Katona: Ex Atomic Kitten, Ex I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here winner, Ex Star of her own reality show(s) and now apparently trying to get her career, and some might say life, back on track. She has been used to living her life very much in the public eye and so should have no problem adapting to the Big Brother house. Rumoured to have been turned down before due to her well documented ‘problems’ my only concern is in the same ballpark as Sheen. Her mental state. Other less substantiated rumours of her mum and ex Mark Croft entering the house would make her stay a lot less comfortable.
    Rating 3 (Seen it all before and I’m bored now)
  4. Amy (TOWIE) Childs: Has ‘resigned’ from the show that made her a ‘star’ and a rumoured fee of £250,000 is sure to make her an absolute certainty to be on our screens in the Big Brother house. The only one of the rumoured Housemates who has been virtually confirmed. Having been in a series where scenes are set up and filmed as natural conversation I doubt that Amy will have very much to say that we have not heard before. I don’t expect Big Brother to be lying on the Vajazzle kits for her so she will have to concentrate on something other than how she looks. Who knows though? Left to her own devices she may surprise a lot of people (including me) and show us something we never knew was there.
    Rating 3 (She isn’t Katie Price just yet but who know?)
  5. Jedward: My name’s John and his name is Edward and together we are John and Edward! I remember those immortal words on X-Factor as if they were yesterday and who would have guessed that these two would still have a ‘career’ this long after the show had finished? Joe McElderry has no longer got a record deal but these two have!! Since changing their name to the far more memorable Jedward they have gone from strength to strength. These were one of the first names to rise to the surface on the forums and fan sites and they were met with a chorus of ‘Oh No’ and just as many who said ‘Oh Yes’ Personally I find them as irritating as a dose of thrush but they are going to be entertaining to watch as long as they shut up for more than 5 minutes. Stories of them wanting to share a bed in the house do not bode well under the microscope of BB, remember Jade and PJ? I do….
    Rating 3 (They will get boring and annoying VERY quickly)

Those are the Top 5 ‘Big stars’ so far but here are some other names rumoured to be taking part but in my opinion not making anyone excited enough to be bothered if they are in or not, outside of their own fans and family members.

Mark (TOWIE) Wright, Reported to be being paid £50 a day on TOWIE it is £50 too much in my opinion. We have one ‘Non-Reality’ TV celebrity we don’t need another.
Wagner. Sleazy pot smoking ‘singer’ who was eventually voted off X-Factor would add nothing to the house other than for us to watch him ogling Amy Childs and other female housemates 24-7 (oh no we can’t do that as we won’t have live feed)*
Paddy (Big fat gypsy wedding) Doherty: I have to admit to not ever watching BFGW but I can only imagine from what I have read about Paddy that it wouldn’t be long before a fight had broken out. I’m not sure Channel 5 want another Fight night quite so soon and I would be less surprised if Brendan Sheerin from Coach Trip arrived in the house.
Vanessa White (From the Saturdays): Can’t get any of Girls aloud? Then how about one of the Saturdays? I’m sure that after Mutya Buena from the Sugarbabes did so well she may be tempted to go in. An outside chance from the ones I’ve listed in this second batch.
Ricky Hatton: Imagine Ricky Hatton and Paddy Doherty in the house? Me either. If Ricky goes in then Paddy won’t be there. I’d like to see Hatton in there as he is another character who would have stories to tell but I doubt he will go in.
Bobby Brown: Whitney Houston’s ex husband and former member of New Edition would be totally crazy to go into the house and I don’t even know where I heard his name but I guess if he goes in it’s his prerogative (cue groans)

Finally two names I’ve heard mentioned (one that gets mentioned EVERY Celeb big Brother) who will definitely NOT be going into the house (in my humble opinion) but they make very good press. Those are Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson. Tyson has done a bit of reality


TV in the US with Dancing with the Stars and Pamela has already done Big Brother in Australia and India so it’s not much of a stretch for her to do ours. I just don’t think it makes sense for her to do it (unless she is doing panto again this year over here)

*I must stop banging on about the lack of live feed

All of these (apart from Amy Childs) are just rumours and even Amy is a rumour at the moment (just a blatant one) I do not have inside information nor do I have any connection to the shows. I am a punter just like you and these are my opinions on what I’ve heard on the Big Brother grapevine.

Make sure you watch with me on Twitter @Locko866

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Camelot. How wrong could i be about it?

A while ago i wrote a blog about the comparison between Camelot and Game of Thrones (Read it here) where i suggested that the latter was far superior to the former. This might have been the case but i thought that this meant that Camelot had no place on my TV screen.

I was wrong. I see this now. I was blinded by the graphic violence and sex in G.O.T. that made Camelot seem so tame and soft. I should have realised that it WAS tame and soft for a reason.
G.O.T was very hard to understand for some people. The complexity of the storylines baffled some and i see now that my TV snobbery was to blame for my disregard of Camelot. I did understand G.O.T’s plots and i did associate with the characters and this meant that upon first viewing that the characters in Camelot came across as one dimensional.

After watching all 10 episodes of Camelot i can safely say that it was worth it. I think many critics who, like me, hammered the show may reconsider once they watch further into the 10 episode run. It suffered from being released so close to G.O.T and once the memory started to fade i actually started to enjoy Camelot, a lot……

Episode 8 was the turning point for me. I don’t do spoilers on this blog so i am not going to go into details but i urge everyone to stick with it and enjoy the short run it has been given. It is worth it.

Now for the bad news……… Starz (The US TV network who produced the series have cancelled the show. There will be no second season. They have stated ‘production issues’ for its axing but i am sure it will be the mauling it got from the press and TV critics in the states and over here. If only they had waited, if only they had seen what i saw.
By the time it ends you can see how the story would develop. You could see how the characters would grow. I actually cared and felt something when one character died. It wasn’t on a par with the shock that the death of one of the characters in Game of Thrones engendered but it still had impact. I didn’t think i would care about any of them 5 weeks ago.

It just shows how wrong you can be and how sometimes, it really is better not to judge something too early*

*Apart from TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea as these are all unadulterated shite

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Will Big Brother on Channel 5 miss the Live feed – A punters view

Let me be clear so there is no misunderstanding. I LOVE Big Brother. From Craig Phillips to Josie Gibson i have seen each and every winner walk through those doors and in different ways walk back into the ‘real world’ again.
I have watched every one of the housemates as they enter the house and have watched their highs and lows, seen them laugh, cry, love each other and on one particular night fight each other.
The main and in my opinion the ONLY way to get a true reflection of the mood in the house, to gauge how each person is coping with the emotional pressure cooker is to watch the live feed. The heavily edited hour show each night is fine for some but not for me. I want to make my own choices as to who i will be voting out. I don’t want to have to be spoon fed it by the producers who always have their own agenda. The fact is the Big Brother audience have grown up with this show. Reality TV is now common place on British television and we are wise to how they work. We can see clearly how certain characters are being portrayed in a negative light to lead us poor suckers by the nose. With the invention of social media such as Facebook and Twitter these evictees have a chance to tell their side of the story and it usually goes something like this:
” They only showed all the bitching i did in the house”, “Where were the clips of me getting on with everyone”, “Why was i portrayed as being hated by everyone”
People who only watched the hour shows only saw a tiny part of what goes on in that house. In the early days the live stream was 24/7. No cuts, No edits, No 10 second time delay. After the notorious Fight night of BB5 the producers decided to introduce a time delay and the live feed was cut completely when Victor and the other housemates kicked off again in ‘Fight Night 2’ on the infamous BB9.
Live streaming was cut and red button feed was also removed after BB9, allegedly due to low uptake (personally i think it was more to do with viewers being able to see the dark side of the show).
E4 (Channel 4’s sister station) ran the live feed during the evenings and throughout the night, leading to the famous ‘watching people sleeping’ TV channel we have all watched after coming in from a night on the town (Don’t deny it)
For the amazing BB11 (The final BB on C4) the live feed was brought back and was available 24/7 for a subscription fee. The thing about the ‘Live’ feed for BB11 was that it was heavily edited. I know some of you will doubt this but believe me, it was. Those of us who watched it can tell you. You cannot edit time obviously but you can select which cameras are used for the feed and we missed alot of what went on in that house due to ‘creative’ camera work. Even taking this into account, the live feed was the best thing about BB11. It gave the show the old skool feel it had in the early days and the producers chose some excellent housemates for the final series. ALL of them were watchable (apart from Steve who spent the whole time switching from one sofa to another) Without Live feed we would not have had any idea that what was going no with John James and Josie was actually real. The hour show in the evening was edited to keep the viewers guessing. Us live feeders knew the score.
Now unfortunately i do not have access to the subscription totals s i cannot tell you how popular they were but if Channel 4 really cut 24/7 live feed from earlier shows to save money then i reckon they made plenty of money when they brought it back.

………and so we get to the latest Big Brother which starts in September (i don’t count CBB as this is only going to be a dry run for the main event. anyone who prefers the Celebrity version of Big Brother over the ‘real’ version has rocks in their head. Celebs know how to work a camera. They know how tv works and they use that skill to dupe us all. The norms in real Big Brother are total media novices, although judging by some of the people i saw at the auditions, not that much) Channel 5 made the bold statement when they won the contract for the new series that the live feed would be making a return!! Hoorah!! we all cried!!! Today, someone within Channel 5 has let slip that this may not be the case.
James Tatum is a senior member of Channel 5’s Digital media team and he let slip today that there was not going to be any live feed on the Celebrity or the normal big Brother shows this year.
My twitter feed went crazy!! Every Big Brother fansite that i have on my follow list was tweeting their disgust at this decision:




This is just a small selection of what the fansites are saying. Veteran Big Brother fansd are up in arms about this decision. So what have channel 5 had to say about it?

Response from Channel 5's official BB Twitter account

@channel5bbuk Have tweeted nothing in response to the many requests for confirmation. THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING!!!

Myself and many others have asked for confirmation from the official twitter account for BB but have received nothing. What we have been told is that we will be able to vote using Facebook!!! Well channel 5 I don’t use Facebook and neither do lots of other people. I am not a troglodyte, i used to have a Facebook account but being in IT i closed it down when i started to realise the total lack of privacy i had from Zuckerberg and his monetising freak-show. My choice!!! but now, if i want to watch the excellent (and heavily edited no doubt) Video feed output and video clips i will have to open another one. i might just open an account called ‘F**k You Channel 5 Where is the F*****g Live Feed you promised us?’ just so i can watch them. Actually i probably won’t, and many others will feel the same. If and when this travesty is revealed i will not be the only disappointed fan and i am afraid to say that channel 5 have made a massive error in judgement.

Facebook will make money for them by directing people to phone and text voting no doubt. As @bbspy pointed out today, The US version of  American Idol used Facebook voting and they got huge numbers of fans using it. That is America. This is the UK and as i stated before they will make no money from Facebook (unless they are getting paid per click)







These are ways for Channel 5 to make money:

  • Product Placement: New laws mean that products can be shown on the show and the broadcaster/producers will get paid for this
  • Endorsements: In a similar vein to the first option you will get clothing companies and others who will provide Housemates with free stuff to wear and use
  • Phone and Text Voting: Apparently Text voting will be returning and we all know how much money is made from the telephone voting systems these programs use
  • LIVE FEED SUBSCRIPTIONS: Surely the producers and broadcasters can see that this will be heavily used for the first ever Big Brother on Channel 5. how much will it cost to have technicians on site 24 hours a day to monitor cameras and ensure uninterrupted coverage. It must be technically possible as it has been done before so the only reason not to have it MUST be financial.  

Please do not scrimp on this first series. Take a risk. You will be getting a bigger audience than you have ever had for a program on your network!! If you let down the millions of Big Brother fans before you have even started the show then you are killing the show before it has even begun. Fans will see this as the first of many cuts in quality and product. Remember the series you have taken on. Remember that you hold it’s future in your hands. DO NOT let us all down.

If you would like to find out if you will be having any kind of live feed i suggest either tweeting @channel5bbuk or the Facebook page for Big Brother
Official Big Brother UK You could also try contacting Channel 5 Customer Services by Email and demand it Mark you enquiry ‘Big Brother Live Feed’

You could set up a Facebook page they won’t look at or a petition they will ignore but i find that direct action is usually the best course of action.

According to Channel 4 they removed the live feed because not enough of us used it. Don’t let Channel 5 take it away before we even had it.

Finally i hope that Channel 5 do reconsider. I have been a fan of the show for over 10 years and i would hate channel 5 to live up to my expectations to totally ruin a programme i for one Love. If you feel the same, or even if you don’t, leave a comment

Much Love Locko8668

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Big Brother want you (But not me apparently)

Date: Saturday June 18th 2011
Location: The emirates Stadium London
Event: Big Brother 2012
Open Auditions 8am and i am boarding the train to London heading off to my date with destiny (apparently) and Big Brother 2012 Auditions at The home of my beloved Arsenal, The Emirates Stadium. It is a bloody long journey and after a detour to Brighton and a stiff cup of coffee i get on the Southern Express service to London Bridge. This train stinks and is full of miserable looking people who obviously don’t want to be out this early on a Saturday morning. I do so i put on my IPod and drift off into thoughts about what the day has in store. Having been to Elstree studios last year for Big Brothers Big Mouth  2011 (BB11) i had a fair idea what kind of day i had ahead of me. A day of filling in release forms and being shuffled around like sheep. As it turned out it was a little more involving than that as this time i wanted to be part of the main event. As i sat reading all the lovely messages from my twitter family, including one from the lovely winner of BB11 @josiestweets , who sent me messages of luck and good wishes.

Good Luck message from the Queen of Big Brother Josie Gibson

I really do have an amazing bunch of followers and i feel blessed to have them all. Anyway, back to the stinky express. I got into London Bridge Station and it was a short underground ride to Arsenal Tube station and a quick dash to The Emirates. I expected to see a large queue but there was a distinct feel of tumbleweed at the venue. The main entrance, which i expected to be heaving with BB wannabes, was totally deserted

Where is everyone?

A small board was all that gave a clue to what massive event was taking place today. it simply said ‘Registration’. simple and non effective. There was nobody directing arrivals, probably because there were not the huge throngs expected. Rumours of a poor turn out at Old Trafford for the Manchester auditions were obviously being echoed here as well. Nevertheless i ventured up the stairs, had a puff of my plastic fag and went into gate D and into the heart of the Stadium. I was ushered upstairs and there were about 20 other people up there queueing for Registration. Then a crew member grabbed about 10 of us and had us run on the spot and then do star jumps to warm up. As we were doing this we had to shout out ‘We love Big Brother’. no problem for me because i blatantly do love this show. now after quitting smoking a month ago i am not the fittest and was just starting to struggle when another crew member came over and took 5 of us over to another area. There was another female crew member there and they introduced themselves as Mr and Mrs Big Brother and told us that they did not under any circumstances want to know our names and we were not to tell the others our name either.
Who the other 4 people in my group were is unimportant as far as this story goes so we will skip the details other than to state that one of them (Jamal) was a very camp, VERY confident in himself and probably one of the people in the entire Audition group who had a real chance of getting into the house. He was both annoying and bloody excellent entertainment all at the same time. I would have loved to have gone into the house with him and if he gets in he will be the ‘Marmite’ contestant that BB has each year.
Anyway, again i digress. Stage 1 of the audition process consisted of the 5 of us being asked to tell Mr and Mrs BB and our fellow BB’ers something interesting about ourselves. I used my usual failed Techno DJ line and stated that i was not a dancer and did not have 14,000 followers on Twitter (Jamal was both of these things)
Then Mr and Mrs BB gave us scenarios and we had to say if we agreed or disagreed with the statements and then discuss why with our fellow BB’ers. the statements varied from group to group as i found out later but ours were:
1. Should National Service be introduced for 16yr olds for a year (which i agreed with)
2. Should same sex couple be allowed to adopt children (again i was in the agree camp)
I will quite happily go through my reasons for my choices in another blog if you like but for now let’s stick to the job in hand. Needless to say, nothing my fellow BB’ers came up with could sway my views.
Next we had to line ourselves up into how ‘good looking’ we thought we were. i put myself one in from the munter end because to be honest looks mean very little to me and i am comfortable with them at my age. Obviously Jamal decide he was the ‘hottest’ and to be fair it is all relative and we were slim pickings in the looks dept.
We discussed our choices and if we were happy. i was. we moved on. Then one of us was pulled out and had to order us on a subject that we didn’t know and then we had to guess. i can’t remember what the first one was but then i was pulled out to do the 2nd one. This was to order everyone using ‘Who would be most likely to go into the house’ I put Jamal into 2nd place with myself in 1st. If you are there and don’t consider yourself 1st in that line up then go home. That’s all i am saying. We then had to line up with our hands out to receive our channel 5 ‘Branding’ to mark us as going through to round 2 of the selection process.

Through to have your picture taken (not flattering) and to get registered. Hand over your photo ID (Passport with criminal photo in it) and give your contact details. Then fill in another form (similar to the one filled in online) with disclaimers and release forms so they can use this information later or for the programme itself if you get that far.  i filled in the form with all the pertinent information, including some VERY personal stuff, knowing this was going to be used for the 2nd stage of the process, The Video interview.
I head over to the main holding area and take my place at the back of the seating allocation. By this time i am getting hungry and being a coffee addict would have killed for a decent Macchiato. No chance. No food. No vending machines just a water cooler. so water it is then.
So the wait begins. For some this was so unbearable they got up and went home. for a people watcher like me this was heaven on earth! so many different types of people. A LOT of VERY good-looking people. At points it felt like it was an audition for the next series of TOWIE rather than BB. I was surrounded by some great people, none of which i think got through. I like to think because they were too nice.
After 3 hours and a few really awful jokes from BB’ers at the prompting of Crew members it was finally my turn to be led up to the interview rooms. A row of 4 seats were outside and i took my place with my fellow guinea pigs. The young guy next to me was a bundle of nervous energy and wouldn’t shut up. i discovered he had never watched the show and only came to the auditions to piss his Ex off!!! No Chance!!!
Finally my number was called. LA241, a number that will live with me for years to come. I went in not knowing what to expect.
Now apparently the interviews that took place were up to 20 minutes long but because time was getting tight and there were loads to still do this was cut to 5.
So in i go. Inside the room was a video camera, a microphone and 3 people. i assume that they were a camera person, a researcher and a producer although there may have been 2 producers in there.
They basically went through the form and asked questions relating to the answers you had given. then they asked me stuff about Big Brother itself. I think it takes quite a non linear progression so they will let you go off on one if you want to. i would suggest not doing this, just be yourself and answer the questions as you see fit. i was not going to bullshit them to tell them what they wanted to hear so i was totally honest about what i told them brutally at times. The 5 minutes flew by and then i was thanked and said my goodbyes. so after 3 hours of waiting i had my 5 minute interview. Back into the hallway and then along the corridor to await the Yes or No. Now this decision may be gauged on something as simple as how you come across on video or how you sound. i think personally that the producers all have a brief and have a definite idea of what they are looking for. Anyway i thought it went well and didn’t make a tit of myself.

20 minutes later and my number was called and the Mrs BB from the original 1st group exercise was the one to give us the bad news. There were 3 of us in the room and it felt very much like the X Factor auditions when you look around at the people in the room with you and know it’s going to be a No. The group who went in before us had got a Yes so it was even more obvious to me. Mrs BB said that they hoped we had enjoyed today (it’s a No) and that we had done really well (it’s a No) and that the producers had really liked us (it’s a No though isn’t it?) She continued, that nothing we had done or said had been bad but  (here it comes) unfortunately we were not what they were looking for this time. She did state that we should consider auditioning again for the next series and used the lovely Mario as an example, pointing out that he had auditioned 5 times before getting on last year. So that was it. No. i didn’t actually feel too bad. The day had been great and i had met some great people including one i felt would have made a very entertaining (and annoying Housemate)

The fact is that Channel 5 and Endemol have to make the first series of Big Brother memorable. It is likely that the people they have on there are going to be in the mould of TOWIE or Jersey Shore people. They will most likely be either a bit unhinged or will be happy to be openly sexual on camera. Rather than the Scum covering Big Brother it will be The Star. This will probably mean sensational headlines about groping or maybe the first British sexual encounter on Big Brother, other than the table fumble that Michelle Bass had in BB5.
I personally will be looking out for who they pick as the ‘older’ housemate and hope that they are better than i would have been or else i will be voicing my unhappiness on Twitter lol
I will be watching the Celeb version for pointers on what the ‘norms’ version is going to be like. i don’t expect too much of a format change but i do expect it will be more extreme. Maybe i will look back at this as a lucky escape but i would have loved to have been a part of BB12.

Slim pickings

Thanks for all the lovely messages from my Twitter Family during this week and for the tweets of condolence at me not getting in. I hope you will join me on the Twitter sofa for CBB and new BB on Channel 5?

Love to you all and thanks for reading. If you are Auditioning then good luck and good luck to those who got through to the final selection and become housemates in September

Through to round 2

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